Major Plants
  Nirma's philosophy of providing quality products at the best prices has led
to investment in the latest technologies for multi-locational manufacturing facilities.
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Major Plants
Soda Ash ::...  

Investment of Rs. 1,140 crores
  • 650,000 TPA
  • 770 m3/hr capacity Sea Water RODM plant
  • 40 MW Captive co-generation plant
  • 10,000 MT solid handling
Energy efficient technology from AKZO, Netherlands
Only Soda Ash plant in the world with full DCS controls
ICMA award for Best Total Water Management Practices in Chemical Industry Category
Linear Alkyl Benzene ::...  

Investment of Rs. 630 crores
75,000 TPA capacity
Only second plant in the world with Eco-friendly Non HF technology from UOP, USA
Bio-degradable product
70 km of integrated pipeline network for feed stock
8,00,000 TPA of Feed Stock
32% market share
DCS controlled fully automatic plant
Packaging ::...  

Full range of Packaging facilities
  • 13,500 TPA of packaging material
  • 7,200 TPA of Poly Ethylene film manufacturing
  • 6,000 TPA Paper Wrapper printing
  • 6,000 TPA Laminated Wrappers & Pouch manufacturing
  • 3,600 TPA of Stiffner Boards Poly Coating and Slitting
  • 14,000 TPA Craft Paper manufacturing
  • 12,000 TPA Corrugated Box manufacturing
State of art production facilities
  • 8 colour printing from Cerruti Spa, Italy
  • 2 lines of 3 - Layer Extrusion Plant from Reifenhauser, Germany
  • Automatic Control from Prestech, U.K. and Eltromet, Germany
Soaps ::...  

Investment of Rs. 200 Crores
30,00,000 Soap pieces sold per day
Annual sales of Rs. 500 crore
20% market share
Second largest soap manufacturer in India
Four lines of 500 soaps per minute
Detergents ::...  

50,00,000 pieces sold per day
38% market share
Largest Detergent manufacturer of India
Edible Salt ::...  

Asia’s largest salt works
Spread over 30,000 acres
Edible salt capacity of 288,000 tpa
Edible vacuum evaporated salt plant with
  • Technology from akzo nobel, netherlands
  • Tripple effect monel cladded evaporator
  • Fluidized bed dryer
Human contact free process from water to packaging
Industrial Salt ::...  

Asia’s largest salt works
Spread over 30,000 acres
Industrial salt capacity of 15,00,000 tpa
Others ::...  

AOS ( Alfa Olefin Sulfonate )
Sulfuric Acid
SSP ( Single Super Phosphate )
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